4. Discussion

In the end, our results showed that indeed, wind turbines with planes that are perpendicular to the wind direction are better than those with planes parallel to the wind direction. However, in some cases where there might not be enough space to fit the wind turbine, or the space provided is stream-shaped, planes that are parallel to the wind direction might still be necessary. In that case, curved blades are better. Furthermore, the optimum curved shape is rectangular curved.

We think that the curved shapes are better for multiple reasons. One, when the wind blows, more surface area is in contact with the wind than the flat shape. Hence, more kinetic energy from the wind is spinning the wind turbine and being converted into electrical energy. Two, because of the streamline shape of the curved blade, there is lesser air resistance compared to the flat blades when the blade is spinning back around. These two factors add up to the curved blades generally being better than the flat blades.

Next, we think that the best shape is the rectangular curved because it has the greatest surface area among all the shapes. This means that although there is more air resistance, the amount of wind being “caught” by the blade is more and hence it spins faster than the rest, producing a higher current.

In the end, we have completed all our engineering goals which are finding out the best blade profile for wind turbines that have planes that are parallel to the wind direction, and also if wind turbines are better with their planes parallel of perpendicular to the wind direction.

I think that we could have improved on the accuracy of this experiment. Although we did follow most of the procedure, we did not manage to get a room with completely still air. This meant that there could have been a bit of interference in the results due to external wind. Furthermore, we feel that we could have investigated on more things like whether wind turbines are better on the horizontal or vertical axis.

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