2. Methods

To start off, at first we were going to 3D print the blades out but we soon decided that it was too time consuming to learn appropriately how to use the 3D printer. Thus in the end we decided to cut out the flat blades from a piece of cardboard and the curved blades from toilet rolls. To properly execute the experiment, the blades are then attached to small plastic blades which can be attached to a turbine in order for the amount of power generated to be recorded down. To do this the turbine is connected to a volt meter by using wires and four blades are attached to the turbine. All the blades were placed at a 90º angle. Another factor that was changed was whether the direction of wind was parallel or perpendicular to the turbine plane. On a side note, the blades actually generated more power when the direction of the wind was perpendicular to the turbine plane if the blades were placed at a 45º angle. Regardless, we tested the power output when all the blades were at a 90º angle. A video of our procedure and setup is shown. The blades used are also shown.

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